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Domestic Violence

San Antonio Domestic Violence Defense Attorney

There are countless people that are assaulted in San Antonio everyday. While it’s true that many of those who commit such acts must be punished, there are many men and women who are unjustly accused of violence they did not commit.

In many cases these accusations can arise from misunderstandings, miscommunications or even outright, malicious lies.

Unfortunately, even false allegations can lead to serious penalties. An individual charged with domestic violence will almost always be subject to an order of protection. Violations of these orders can result in additional charges carrying even more sever consequences than the original offense.

If you are accused of domestic violence, there is too much at risk for you to try to fight the accusations by yourself. Your life, your employment and your personal relationships are all at stake.

If you are convicted of domestic violence you could be sentenced to jail time, ordered to pay fines and attend counseling or anger management classes and be placed on probation.

It’s imperative that you contact a San Antonio domestic violence lawyer immediately if you or a loved one is facing domestic violence charges.

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