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Misdemeanor Domestic Violence

San Antonio Misdemeanor Domestic Violence Attorney

Domestic violence unfortunately is not uncommon. It covers a wide range of abuse, including spousal abuse and child endangerment. Any threatening or violent act, even if the accused did not intend to harm the victim, could be grounds for prosecution under Texas law.

A Domestic Violence Misdemeanor occurs when one family member commits or threatens violence against another family member or household member.

Penalties for misdemeanor domestic violence sentences are dependent upon the precise details of each case. The court will consider previous convictions, whether the offender was on probation or parole, and any other extenuating situations.

Some of the penalties that may attach to misdemeanor domestic violence in Texas include:

  • Up to a year in Jail
  • A fine up to $4,000
  • Probation
  • Community Service
  • Court Ordered Domestic Violence Counseling
  • Protective Order
  • Impacts ability to own or possess any firearms

The law regarding domestic violence is complex. This is why it is important to secure an attorney who is qualified, skilled and knowledgeable in defending those facing domestic violence charges.

If you’ve been accused of any type of violence against a spouse or family member, do not rely on the advice of friends or loved ones. Speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney who will know what to do.

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