Hire Legal Counsel for Prescription Fraud Charges in San Antonio, Texas

In San Antonio and Bexar County, prescription fraud charges can be considered felonies. According to Texas law, a person can be charged with prescription drug fraud, a felony under many different circumstances including:

  • Issuing a prescription with a fictitious/forged signature
  • Using a fictitious, suspended or revoked registration number during the distributing, manufacturing, or prescribing of controlled substances
  • Using someone’s else prescription to prescribe a Schedule II drug
  • Produce fraudulent or false information or falsifies reports, applications or documents in order to obtain or prescribe controlled substances
  • Possessing or attempting to obtain a controlled substance or increased amount by fraud, forgery or misrepresentation
  • Deliver a prescription or a form for any purpose other than the valid medical reason

Defending Against Prescription Fraud Charges in Texas

Like other cases, Derek W. Emmons mounts a defense against prescription fraud charges that depends on the circumstances of a case. There are many defense strategies he can use such as lack of intent. For this fraud to take place, there must be a clear and present intent to make a misrepresentation of facts for a situation. The defendant’s goal is to clearly deceive a pharmacy, doctor, or others in order to illegally obtain a prescription. If they make an honest mistake, they can be cleared of these serious charges in Bexar County, Texas.

The bottom line is that prescription fraud charges in Texas are serious and require immediate legal counsel to help you to protect your rights throughout the legal process. Emmons Law Firm services clients in San Antonio and the surrounding Texas communities. These charges are serious and shouldn’t be ignored or taken lightly. In order to schedule a free consultation with an experienced criminal defense attorney, call (210) 702-3054 today.