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Texas Juvenile Crime Examples

When a person who is 17 years old or younger commits a crime in Texas, he or she is subject to certain penalties. Just like adults, juveniles can be charged with both misdemeanors and felonies; however, unlike adults, minors are not prosecuted in the criminal justice system. Instead, in Texas, juvenile crimes are handled in civil proceedings under the Juvenile Justice Code.

It is important to note that simply because juveniles are not prosecuted in criminal proceedings, this does not mean that they don’t face harsh consequences. In fact, the consequences of a juvenile crime can affect a minor’s immediate and ongoing future.

If you or your child was arrested for any type of offense, contact the Emmons Law Firm, P.C. to speak with our experienced San Antonio juvenile crimes defense attorney. Even seemingly unserious offenses, like shoplifting, can result in long-term consequences. Attorney Derek W. Emmons can work directly with you to create a solid defense strategy aimed at protecting your child’s rights and future.

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Adult vs Juvenile Criminal Justice System

If you or your child has been arrested for an alleged offense, one of the first things you understandably want to know is what happens next. The juvenile justice system in Texas is different than the criminal justice system. While the criminal justice system aims to punish adults who have committed crimes, the Texas juvenile justice system’s focus is on rehabilitation.

Everyone makes mistakes, including minors. The state recognizes this and seeks to rehabilitate those minors who are found guilty of certain crimes. That being said, when a minor over the age of 14 allegedly commits a felony, or when any minor is believed to have committed a serious crime, he or she can be charged as an adult. In such cases, the alleged offender will be prosecuted under the state or federal criminal justice system.

When a minor allegedly commits a crime that is not as serious, the minor and his/her parents may simply be warned by law enforcement officials. In other cases, the minor may be taken to a juvenile probation facility. The minor must remain there while law enforcement decides what to do next.

The next steps may include anything from recommending counseling to mandatory attendance at a rehabilitation program to actual court proceedings. If the minor’s case goes to trial, he or she may either remain at home or in a juvenile detention center, as determined by a judge.

Juvenile Crime Penalties in Texas

Simply because juveniles are not typically prosecuted in criminal proceedings, this does not mean that they do not face serious penalties if they are found guilty of committing certain crimes.

The potential penalties for juvenile crimes in the state of Texas include:

  • Detention
  • House arrest
  • Treatment programs
  • Deferred sentencing
  • Jail time

The exact penalties your child may be facing will depend on numerous factors, including the nature of the alleged crime, the age of your child, and more.

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When seeking an attorney for your child, it is important that you choose someone who has experience navigating the juvenile justice system in Texas, such as Attorney Derek Emmons. As a San Antonio juvenile crimes defense lawyer, he has represented minors accused of all types of offenses.

Our firm can assist you if your child has been arrested for shoplifting, trespassing, underage drinking, marijuana possession, theft, sexual assault, gang-related crimes, or any other type of illicit activity. We understand the immense stress you and your family are under; our firm is here to provide compassionate yet honest legal counsel and aggressive advocacy for you or your child.

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