What Is A Manufacturing And Delivery Of A Controlled Substance Charge?

Manufacturing and Delivery of a Controlled Substance

The District Attorney will generally charge you with delivery of a controlled substance, possession with intent to deliver, or manufacturing of controlled substances. Because this is a drug-dealing charge, sentences can range up to life in prison and fines up to $250,000 under the Texas Controlled Substances Act

If you’ve been arrested and charged in a larger state case for possession of a controlled substance, the charge will be listed as manufacture or delivery of a substance. The penalty group it will be in depends on the class the drug is categorized in. In Texas, this means different penalties are accessed for each particular crime and drug. Texas actively pursues defendants in these types of cases as they are trying to shut down drug rings. This means that anyone who manufactures and/or delivers controlled substances is a prime target for these crimes.

How a criminal defense attorney can help with your charges

In order to help a defendant to avoid a conviction and sentencing in a manufacturing and/or delivery case, there are many ways a defense attorney can attack the merit of the evidence. It is also possible to challenge the identification of the defendant. The credibility of informants also can be challenged. A good defense attorney such as Derek W. Emmons will take a look at your particular case and determine the best possible defense strategies in order to protect your rights and to get you the results you’re looking for.

The key to having the best chance of winning your manufacturing and delivery of a controlled substance case is to have experienced legal counsel by your side. To have a free consultation with Derek W. Emmons, a criminal defense attorney in Bexar County, Texas, call (210) 702-3054 today.