How a Federal Drug Crime Attorney Helps Protect Your Rights

If you or a loved one has been charged with a federal drug crime, it’s time to retain a legal counsel who can represent you throughout your legal experience. Texas maintains a strong stance when it comes to enforcing all federal or state drug laws. This includes possession of large quantities of drugs in each of the five categories including opioids, narcotics, marijuana, and stimulants, just to name a few.

If you’ve been arrested on a drug offense, much of your defense strategy will be determined by the type of drug that is involved, how much and what circumstances of your particular case are. With the help of a federal drug crime attorney in San Antonio, Texas, you can be represented the way that you deserve. Protect your rights with legal counsel!

What are some possible defenses against a drug offense?

One of the most common defenses is unreasonable search or seizure. The police are bound by law to follow procedures that involve getting a warrant or having probable cause to suspect if someone is transporting, selling, or possessing drugs. By law, they can never search you, your home, or your car just because.

Another defense is to claim the drugs weren’t yours by constructive possession. This means you didn’t actively possess drugs on you, but that they were on your property, in your car, your home, a locker. or anything else of yours.

Also, sometimes labs may conclude that something is a controlled substance when in fact it actually isn’t. A federal drug crime attorney such as Derek W. Emmons can help defend you in your particular case.

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