Understanding Indecent Exposure Charges Defenses in San Antonio

It is illegal for anyone to willfully or lewdly expose their private parts. The sentencing and punishment for indecent exposure can be severe in San Antonio. This is why hiring an expert criminal defense attorney in San Antonio such as Derek W. Emmons is so important. He has years of experience strategizing indecent exposure charges defenses for his clients. He can offer an overview of what to expect in your case while helping you to achieve the best possible outcome possible.

Possible Indecent Exposure Defenses

Some possible indecent exposure defenses in San Antonio include:

  1. You didn’t expose yourself: If the exposed area was above the waist, revealing clothes or your underwear, this type of defense applies because your genitals were not exposed.
  2. Lack of Intent: If you had no knowledge you were going to draw public attention, you can argue that you lacked intent necessary to convict you of this crime in Texas. The prosecution must show that you exposed your genitals for sexual arousal or to offend another person. If you didn’t intend to expose yourself, they can’t argue that fact.
  3. The exposure didn’t occur in the presence of someone else: This defense applies if you were in your own home or in a public place where you attempted to limit your nudity.
  4. False identity: This means that you are not the person who exposed themselves.

Speak to an Indecent Exposure Defense Attorney in San Antonio Today

The first step you must take after being charged with this crime is too speak to an experienced criminal defense attorney in San Antonio. Derek W. Emmons has years of experience fighting indecent exposure cases for his clients in Texas. He offers free consultations to potential clients. To schedule this free and important phone call, call his law office at (210) 702-3054 today.

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