What Is a Drug Crimes Attorney in San Antonio?

Regarding drug charges in Texas, a drug crimes attorney in San Antonio offers legal representation during a difficult time. Derek W. Emmons understands all drug laws in Texas and can investigate your particular case and strategize defenses to help you to get reduced or dropped charges. As an experienced drug crimes attorney in Bexar County, he has years of experience fighting for his clients’ rights every step of the legal process. He is always ready to take on any case regarding drug crimes when someone is seeking expert legal representation.

How a Drug Possession Attorney Helps Your Case

As a drug crimes attorney in San Antonio, we start off by representing you in a few court hearings. From there, we gather evidence to make your case strong and determine whether or not a plea negotiation is valid for your case. Months later, we have a hearing with the prosecutor in order to look at the evidence to decide if the case should be dismissed, have a suppression hearing or be plead out.

What Are Intent to Manufacture, Deliver or Distribute Defenses?

The prosecutor must prove that you knowingly or intentionally distributed, delivered or manufactured a controlled substance in Texas. Depending on the amount of the drug and the schedule drug it was, the offense can either be a first-degree felony or a state jail felony. A drug crimes attorney in San Antonio such as Derek W. Emmons can combat your charges by determine whether or not the drugs were found illegally.

Talk to a Drug Crimes Attorney in San Antonio Attorney Today

It’s important to immediately obtain the legal services of an experienced drug crimes attorney in San Antonio after you have been charged and arrested. To schedule a free consultation with Derek W. Emmons, call (210) 702-3054 today. During this important phone call, we will hear the details of your case and answer any questions you have about the legal process ahead or his experience. We are always ready to listen when you need us most.