How an Attorney Can Help With Elderly Fraud Charges in Texas

There are many different kinds of fraud and most are financial. Any instance of defrauding someone for your own financial gain is financial fraud. Anyone can be a victim of fraud, however, the senior citizen community is most vulnerable of being taken advantage of. Because of this, financial elderly fraud is rampant in San Antonio, Texas, but sometimes allegations aren’t true.

In some instances, it can be someone stealing money from a wallet while others include fraudulently taking control over someone’s estate. If you’re facing elderly fraud charges in Texas, whether you’re innocent or guilty, it’s important to seek the advice of an experienced criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. These types of cases can have serious repercussions and legal counsel is needed to protect your rights throughout the process.

How an Attorney Can Help

An elderly fraud conviction can have long-term implications for employment or even professional licenses. They also can lead to jail/prison time, community service, and hefty fines. When an elderly person is believed to be the victim of a crime, the judgment will often swing their way. In the most complex elderly fraud cases, the best defense is often the earliest one, making it more important to hire an attorney as soon as allegations occur. This allows things to be done even before formal charges are filed.

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Derek W. Emmons has experience fighting elderly fraud cases in and around San Antonio as well as all of Bexar County. He is committed to providing a relentless and unwavering commitment to his clients as well as the best possible defense for their case. When you’ve been charged or are under investigation for any type of financial fraud, it’s time to call for a free consultation. During this phone call, we can discuss your case and come up with a strategy that works best for you.

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